Saving Time At Home

Saving Time At Home

Cut down on chores and leave more time for relaxing!


Quick home life is all about making things a little easier around the house. It has reviews of labour saving gadgets and some general hints and tips on how to get things done more easily – and faster – so that you have more time to relax and enjoy yourself when you’re at home.

To be honest, I’ve always been looking for ways to get results with less effort when it comes to homelife. However, after my wife had a stroke a couple of years ago, she’s okay now but has very limited use of her left arm – I really had to find some shortcuts in the home.

This blog includes a variety of hints, tips and gadget reviews which will help you maximize your “me” time at home. There are a few recipes as well – since the kitchen forms a pretty big part of the daily home routine. These are all intended to be healthy, but to minimize preparation time and/or clean up time afterwards!

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