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Saving Time At Home

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Can I Dehydrate Food In My Halogen Oven?

Dehydrating Food In A Halogen Oven

fagor 12 quart halogen cooker on countertopAs I’ve said before (more than once I suppose), halogen ovens are incredibly versatile. You can cook just about anything you want in one – and it’s a fast and healthy method of cooking as well.

Obviously they can be used to cook healthy main meals – using very little oil – but you can also use your halogen oven to make healthy, but tasty snacks if you like. Think of it as a little bonus.

Here’s a short video featuring Chef Tony Scruggs. He shows how easy it is to create super healthy snacks by dehydrating apple chips and kale leaves. Kale is pretty much recognised as a superfood these days, so this is an awesome snack for when you’re watching a movie – or if you just fancy something to nibble on.

And of course, you can make your snacks from other things as well. Try making sweet potato chips sometime. Slice them nice and thin – give them a light dusting if cinammon if you like.

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