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Saving Time At Home

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Cod Fillet In Lemon And Parsley

I’ve been trying to get my son to eat more fish recently. He seems to like nice chunky fish, with an almost meaty texture, so I thought that I’d try a cod fillet.

This particular recipe has absolutely minimal prep time. I came home from work, went straight to the kitchen and had it in my little halogen oven within about fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes later and it was on the plate.


Cod fillets – as many as you have people to feed

Butter, about 150 g

Small bunch of parsley

One lemon

Salt and pepper


Melt a small nob of butter in the microwave.

While it’s melting, chop up a handful of parsley and squeeze the juice of one lemon into a shallow dish or bowl. I like to chop it up quite roughly, but you can chop it finer if you wish.

Add some flour to a second shallow dish or bowl and add some seasoning. A little sea salt and ground black pepper is fine – but you could add some cayenne pepper or paprika if you want to give it a little kick.

Add the melted butter to the lemon juice and parsley in the first dish. Give it a bit of a stir and then dip the cod fillets in it. Once the fillets are coated, dip them in the seasoned flour.


cod fillet on plate with lemon and parsleyPut the coated fillets into a suitable ovenproof dish and put them into your halogen oven at 200 C (400F). Set the timer for 20 minutes and that’s it. If you prefer to bake them in a conventional oven, give them an extra five minutes at 200 C (400F).

Personally, I prefer to use the halogen oven as you get a mixed grilling and baking effect due to the infrared heat from the halogen bulb. However, it’s very much a matter of personal preference.

After 20 minutes in a halogen oven, or 25 minutes in a conventional oven, you should find that the fillets are nice and flaky – but still moist.

You can serve the fillets with new potatoes or rice and your choice of veg.

My son enjoyed it, but if I’m honest, I think he likes the texture as much as anything. However, I’m happy enough to take that result – he’s eating healthy fish twice a week now. Think I might try some tuna kebabs soon.

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