Saving Time At Home

Saving Time At Home

Cut down on chores and leave more time for relaxing!

Cooking With A Halogen Oven

Why Choose A Halogen Oven?

fagor 12 quart halogen cooker on countertop

I’m always looking for ways to cut down on the amount of time that I spend on housework – so, if you think about it, it’s only natural to start in the kitchen. Most of us eat three square meals a deal, so even if you’re not all that domesticated in other ways, you’re going to spend quite a high percentage of your “chore” time in kitchen.

Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, one of the very best decisions I have ever made was to get myself a halogen oven. It saves me time and money – and it produces great tasting food as well! There are other benefits, but the time saving is the main one – with the money being a pretty close second.

Of course, you probably already have a microwave oven in your kitchen, so you might think that you’re all set as far as quick food preparation goes. And microwaves are¬†very handy kitchen gadgets; I know that I certainly wouldn’t be without mine.

Big Boss halogen ovenHowever, the trouble is that there are some types of food which can’t be prepared in a microwave – and there are others which, whilst you can cook them in the microwave, don’t taste so good as if you had prepared them in a conventional oven.

And that’s where a halogen oven scores; it can cook literally anything that you would normally cook in a conventional oven – but at speeds which are much faster than a standard oven. You can even cook lovely golden brown roast poultry if you like.

Halogen ovens are much more versatile than microwaves – and faster than traditional ovens. You really do get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Halogen Ovens

As I mentioned already, the big deal for me is the speed and the ease of use of my halogen oven. Those two are more than enough to seal the deal for me. However, there are numerous other benefits available from these handy little kitchen gadgets.

Here’s a brief summary, see if there’s something there that appeals to you:

  • A quick and easy way to prepare your food.
  • Cook food from frozen if you want.
  • Uses less energy than a conventional oven – so you save money and get to be environmentally friendly.
  • Wonderfully versatile. Cooks all sorts of dishes that microwaves just wouldn’t cope with.
  • Cook literally anything that you would usually prepare in your a conventional oven.
  • Needs less oil – so you get tasty, healthy meals.
  • Very easy to clean – most have an “auto-clean” setting.
  • Small and easy to install. Just pop it on your countertop, plug it in and off you go!
  • Plugs in to any handy power outlet.
  • Perfect¬†for small kitchens, workplace kitchens, student dorms, RV’s, trailers, etc.
  • Low cost – a fraction of the cost of a conventional oven.
  • Easily portable. Take your halo cooker with you if you move.

Here’s a quick video summary of the benefits of halogen ovens:

Save Time With A Halogen Oven

My first introduction to halogen ovens was via one of those late night infomercials – you know the ones. I’m happy to admit that I pretty much dismissed them as a gimmicky gadget at the time. Some of those adverts can be pretty cheesy.

However, based upon the recommendation of a close friend, I went ahead and got myself one a little later – and I’m absolutely delighted that I did! I hardly ever use my “big” oven these days, and the microwave is mainly for heating already cooked items up.

Cooking is quick and easy. You can get a specialist halogen oven cookbook if you like – or you can find plenty of examples around the web, on YouTube in particular (see example below).

So, if you want to save time, save money and eat delicious healthy meals, you should definitely think about getting yourself a halogen oven.

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