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Saving Time At Home

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Halogen Oven Cookbook

the halogen oven everyday cookbook by sarah flowerThe Halogen Oven Everyday Cookbook

Cooking with a halogen oven is easy and fast, but you might want a few hints and tips to help you on your way. Most halogen ovens come with either a leaflet or small book, detailing some of the most common recipes. However, it probably won’t be long until you want to try something a little more daring – so you will most likely need a few additional recipes.

One of the best ones available is The Halogen Oven Everyday Cookbook – by Sarah Flower. It’s a great introduction to cooking with a halogen oven and contains over 250 pages of recipes, complete with gorgeous colour images.

The book is divided into 9 different chapters and will show you how to prepare snacks, starters, meat dishes, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, desserts, cakes and treats. There’s pretty much something for everybody included.

It’s an excellent introduction to halogen ovens, but there’s more than enough in it to ensure that you won’t need to add another halogen cookbook to your library for quite some time.

Halogen Oven Recipes On YouTube

Of course, if you prefer the visual approach, you’ll find lots of videos on YouTube. Many of these are produced by home-based amateur chefs, but others feature professional chefs. The professional chefs are often sponsored by halogen oven manufacturers of course – but that just means that the videos are very well produced.

Here’s an example featuring chef Tony Scruggs – from TV’s “Masterchef”. It’s obviously sponsored by Fagor, but it’s still an excellent demonstration of how to quickly and easily produce a delicious roast chicken using your halogen oven.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you get the most out of your halogen oven.

Halogen Oven Recipe Websites

Finally, there are plenty of websites around the internet which have a host of great recipes for your halogen oven. Here’s a small sample of some of the better ones:

So, whether you like an old fashioned recipe book, a video tutorial or browsing websites, there’s absolutely no shortage of recipe ideas for you to try in your handy halogen oven. Enjoy!

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