Saving Time At Home

Saving Time At Home

Cut down on chores and leave more time for relaxing!

One Handed Kitchen Aids

A couple of years ago my wife had a stroke. Fortunately she recovered well, but she had almost no use of her left arm afterwards. Some therapy has improved that, but her left arm mobility is still very limited and she has no strength of grip in her left hand.

It made things very difficult for her in general, and in the kitchen in particular. We wound up looking for some one handed kitchen gadgets which would give her more independence. There’s a surprising number of these out there, some good, some less so. Some of the ones we tried went in the trash fairly quickly, but others have proven to be very helpful indeed.

This is a brief description of the “keepers”; the ones which have proven to be invaluable in helping my wife in the kitchen. Hopefully they would also benefit you, or anyone else you know, who has some difficulty with upper limb mobility or grip strength in general.

hamilton beach cordless can openerOne Handed Can Opener

I suppose that you could call this one a hands free can opener if you want – but you do need to position it first before it does its magic of course.

I had no idea that these things existed, but our one has been an absolute boon for my wife. It’s easy to operate and gives a nice clean cut.

The video below gives a nice demo. Not sure if this is the exact same model my wife uses, but it certainly looks very similar.

knork one handed forkKnork (One Handed Fork)

It’s probably not that obvious from the picture, but the Knork is a knife and fork combo. It’s actually a little heavier than a standard fork and one edge is cleverly shaped to make it easier to cut things with.

Obviously you couldn’t put a very sharp edge on this – otherwise you’d cut your mouth when you took a bite. The cutting power mostly comes from the extra weight and the fact that the edge of the fork is more curved than a standard fork.

The cutting ability comes from applying a slight rocking movement – and it works pretty well on most things. It won’t cut a thick slab of well done steak very well, but diced chicken and other thinner meats are definitely okay.

hamilton beach jar openerJar Opener

This is a very handy product which many people would find useful. It can be applied quite easily by someone with the use of only one hand.

Once it’s in place, you just hit the button and away you go, your jar will be open in no time.

To be honest, I wish we’d had one of these years ago.

one handed salt pepper grindersSalt And Pepper Mills

Believe it or not, these cute little bunny like objects are salt and pepper mills that can be operated one handed.

Like many of us, my wife keeps an eye on her salt intake these days, but there’s no red alert on pepper (as far as I know), and she just loves to cover her food with it.

However, traditional pepper mills are quite difficult to operate with one hand, which is where these guys come in. These ones are magnetic, so you can store them on the fridge or the oven door if you like.

These particular ones are small, but that’s ideal for my wife as she has small hands anyway. If you want, you can get a larger, “full size” set.

I could go on to list a ton of other one handed gadgets that we’ve tried, but these are the ones which have proven to be most useful and which get used most often – daily in most cases. If you know of any other good gadgets for one handed use in the kitchen, please feel free to mention it in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


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